The Weekly Options Advantage

From: Jack Carter

Boulder, Colorado

11:31 a.m.


Dear Trading Friend,

     The stock market has been crazy and unpredictable and it’s about to get extremely volatile. Yet, despite this market volatility and these uncertain economic times, a small group of traders are quietly raking in millions of dollars from the stock market using a new “secret weapon”.

     And the crazy part is…

They Do It

Every Week!

     Here’s what it’s all about…

     What they are doing in the stock market does not involve stocks, but rather… 

Options On Stocks!

     But here’s the thing. Stocks options, Puts and Calls, and trading Put and Call options have been around a long time. Trading strategies involving Puts and Calls are really nothing new.  However, lurking deep inside in the options market is something new…

     And for the average person trying to make money in the stock market, this new secret weapon is…

A Real

Game Changer !

     Here’s why…

     Recently, the CBOE, ( Chicago Board Options Exchange ) created and listed a “new” option called…

Weekly Options!

     Weekly options are like regular Put and Call options. Since these weekly options are rather new to the market, they are not available on all stocks yet.

     I’ll give you the list of stocks with available weekly options and tell you how to get it in just a minute.

     But first I want to give you a critical piece of information. The advantage with weekly options is the fact that…

They Expire

Every Week!

     Because weekly options expire every week, you can use them to create weekly income. With weekly options, you can potentially make 2%… 5%… 8%… 15% or more every week with just…

One Weekly Trade!

     You can do as many of these simple “weekly trades” as you want… to create weekly income… or… a huge retirement account… or both!

     You can trade weekly options with small accounts or large.

     You can trade with just $3,000 or $100,000… or $1,000,000!

     The best part is when your trades works, …

You Get Paid

Every Friday!

     Plus, it’s proven you can DOUBLE your returns… even with some options strategies you use now.

     I’ll tell you more about this remarkable system but first let me tell you a little about myself, and why you should listen to me…

     My name is Jack Carter. As of this writing, I have over 25 years and close to one billion dollars in trading experience. That’s not a misprint.  I started in 1984 and traded throughout the largest up and down market in history.  In fact, I traded over eight million dollars worth of stock in one day.

     During my career, I’ve been a stockbroker, a Nasdaq Market Maker, a professional day trader and a “fast –money” hedge fund manager. I’m not telling you all this to impress you, but to impress upon you that, when it comes to stocks and options trading, I have successfully done it all. You can profit from my experience.

     Recently I discovered and perfected a weekly options-trading system that makes from 2% to 15% every week. My weekly options trading system is almost automatic. It only takes a few minutes to get into the trades and check them once a day. Plus, this weekly options system works in both up and down markets. It works, even if you are a horrible stock picker.

         There are several easy ways to set up low risk trades that produce weekly income like clockwork. I can’t explain everything you need to know about it on this one page.  But thanks to the internet you can discover my secrets of weekly options, learn all about my weekly options trading system, see real trade examples and copy what I’m doing during my new web based seminar…

The Weekly Options “Webinar”

You Can Attend Online


     This is the most exciting thing ever revealed about options. Once you attend the Weekly Options Webinar, there is no waiting you can start trading weekly options the very same day.

     However, this webinar is not for everyone. Options trading involves risk and if you can’t handle risk you should forget about options entirely. And, if you can’t trade with at least $5,000 to get started, this webinbar i snot for you.

    On the other hand, if that’s not a problem you should register and attend my free webinar immediately. 

    Why am I doing it free? The answer is simple…

To Prove My Weekly Options Trading System Can

Make People Money In Any Market Conditions!

     Here’s just a small bit of what you’ll learn at the Weekly Options Webinar…

            – How to use weekly options to create weekly cash flow… and… start putting cash in your account today!

            – How to use weekly options to make gains of 2% -15% per week… regardless of account size.

            – How to easily double your returns … even on the options trades you do now.

            – How to get started trading weekly options with any size account… even less than $5,000.

            – The secret to analyzing stocks with available weekly options.

            – How to make weekly options profits in all market conditions… up, down or sideways with low risk!

            – Why… unlike with everything else in the stock market… the stock price does not have to go up for you to make profits with weekly options.

            – How to use weekly options to profit like the pro’s ( using very little money ) from high priced stocks like Apple and Google.

            – 7 Secrets of success with weekly options.

            – The #1 strategy to create weekly income for life!

     There’s even more revealed during this event that you must know about. Don’t even think about trading weekly options until you attend this event. Nothing to buy. No credit card required. Space is extremely limited. Click “Reserve Your Spot” now…  


One of the things you like best when you attend this free webinar is that you’ll see it happen in the real world with real trading examples in the current market.

P.S. During the webinar, I’ll be giving away two free gifts that I can’t describe here.

PPS. This is the only way to trade that gives the “little guy” big profits in small accounts… in 1 week or less… with low risk… in any market conditions… good bad or otherwise!